The 12 Days of Azure Arc-Mas!

The 12 Days of Azure Arc-Mas!

For those that are not aware there is a very awesome resource provided by the Cloud Family called the Festive Tech Calendar. The Festive Tech Calendar is a free, month-long, fun tech event that takes place throughout December. The event features new content from different communities and people around the globe. The event is organized by Cloud Family and is aimed at people from all communities who want to participate in a fun and engaging session that is a bit different from a normal conference. This project was originally started by two amazing guys, Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper. If you don’t follow them on X or LinkedIn, I highly recommend to do so!

I also want to mention the Cloud Family. A resource I almost forgot about!!! Cloud Family is a global initiative that helps grow the Azure Community. They organize the Festive Tech Calendar, promote other community initiatives, and support people starting their journey. The website also provides a collection of study guides for the new Azure exams. If you are interested in contributing to the initiative, you can add your community initiative, project, or idea by starting an issue or PR in the repository. Additionally, they have a podcast where they talk about various topics related to technology.

My Festive Tech Calendar 2023 Session!

I am exciting to be part of this awesome event for another year and able to share some knowledge to anyone looking to learn. My session this year will be Azure Arc focused, and is called The 12 Days of Azure Arc-mas! More information will be posted on the actual date this session will be released! As a bonus, if you are coming to the DFWSMUG (Dallas Fort-Worth Systems Management User Group), I will be giving this session in person as well. So please keep checking the Festive Tech Calendar web site for more information.

Last Years Festive Tech Calendar!

If your interested in watch previous years sessions you can view all the sessions from last year plus my session as well! The Festive Tech Calendar Youtube site is loaded with great videos.

I did a session called Azure Site Recovery to save your bacon, Christmas ham, or your job?

Final Thoughts?

None really. Just excited that I am part of this project yearly. I myself learn a lot from others who are able to contribute to this.