Festive Tech Calendar 2022

Day 31 - Azure Site Recovery to save your bacon, Christmas ham, or your job?

Festive Tech Calendar 2022

This last year I was able to submit a session for the Festive Tech Calender. If you never have heard about the Festive Tech Calendar I suggest you head over to the web site and check out all the different on demand sessions that are available. The Festive Tech Calendar is a community supported and all sessions are created by members of the tech community.

Use Azure Site Recovery to save your bacon… Christmas ham… or maybe your job?

This demo-rich presentation will deep dive into Azure Site Recovery. We will discuss some real-world examples, how to deploy ASR, how to configure your environment to failover to Azure, how to failover to secondary regions using proximity placement groups, and most importantly how to fallback if needed.

Click here for a direct link to my session.