Is my Azure Sphere a rock now?

Yet another piece of Microsoft Hardware that is going into the rock draw

Is my Azure Sphere a rock now?

In a previous blog I wrote about having to recover my Azure Sphere Development Kit. So I decided to right one on what to do with it once I have recovered it. So this blog continues from My Azure Sphere Needs Reset?


According to Microsoft’s documentation on how to claim the device there is a call out:

Claiming a device is a one-time operation that you cannot undo even if the device is sold or transferred to another person or organization. A device can be claimed only once. Once claimed, the device is permanently associated with the Azure Sphere tenant.

This I was not aware of nor could I do anything about since I last used this device when I worked for Microsoft for some demos on a tenant I no longer have access to.

First I wanted to see if the tenant it was claimed by showed up. So I ran the following command:

azsphere tenant list

It did not show any tenants so I thought I might get lucky. So I went to create a tenant…..

So when I went to create a new tenant for this device I ran into a small problem:

azsphere tenant create --name <tenant-name or tenant-ID>

So I am thinking this device is now a rock? I am stuck here until I can hopefully find answers on Twitter or LinkedIn. Since I don’t have support associated with any of my demo subscriptions I am at the mercy of the community.

I hope I can blog a more happier ending sooner than later. However, until then I feel like this is just become another rock in my Microsoft hardware rock draw. It will have to join my Azure Percept devices soon.